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Alabama Card Systems will help you protect your investment by offering unmatched, training, installation, service, and support. Our certified service engineers will install, integrate, train, and provide on-going maintenance to your system.

Planning and Consulting Services

We work with you to assess project requirements and any special circumstances that you may be aware of that will affect your project (server type, special databases, integration with other software/hardware, etc.).

Integration and Customization Services

We offer software development and integration services that include: general application development, data management, network design, or integration to multiple databases.


Implementation Services

We provide on-site installation for your new ID system by a trained, knowledgeable service professional.

Education and Training

While at your site, we will provide on-site training to your key personnel who will be operating your system.


Software Support Services

An annual Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is available and provides unlimited access to technical phone support and software updates and fixes.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer full on-site maintenance coverage for all customers. An extended on-site warranty agreement is available and renewable on an annual basis.


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