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Build a secure system, specific to your unique campus.  Begin with the basics and add fully integrated ScholarChip modules as growth and budget allow.

Fast, efficient and accurate, automated attendance saves time and money. Students tap in at a kiosk, wall or desk-mounted card reader to change their status to present. In seconds, the student’s attendance record in the Student Information System (SIS) is updated, providing real-time attendance data.

Using a mobile kiosk, up to 50 student entries can be recorded per minute. Automate late arrivals and print tardy slips right from the kiosk. As students tap in, the system can trigger targeted messages such as report to counselor’s office or pick up resources held for them in the school store or library.

A simple tap on a mobile device such as a NFC tablet, records the student’s entry and departure with GPS location, date and time stamp. Administrators, and parents, can have detailed information on students’ transportation and safe arrival. Alerts let the driver know when a student is not on the regular schedule of passengers. Know in an instant which students remain on the bus in the event of a breakdown or traffic accident.

Students tap in on a card reader mounted just outside the classroom door or on the teacher’s desk to update their status to present. Automated classroom attendance holds all students as “absent” status until they tap in, making it the student’s responsibility to be counted present. Updates from other ScholarChip modules and attendance devices throughout the school send immediate updates to the SIS, enabling teachers to quickly see if the student has reported to the school nurse, office, counselor or other monitored location.

Already in schools throughout the nation, ABE behavior management solution, is now part of the comprehensive school operations and safety solutions (SSOS) offered by ScholarChip. With ABE, teachers and administrators address problem behaviors with interactive, age-appropriate video assignments. ABE includes animated lessons and peer feedback for hundreds of issues common in K-12 schools. Each assignment addresses a clearly identified issue specific to the student’s age group including bullying and tattling, driving while impaired, skipping class and smoking. Cloud-based, ABE allows administrators and teachers, parents and guardians access to monitor and review student progress.

Issue secure, smart ID cards for students, staff and teachers. A true one-card solution that helps build a better learning environment. The one card smart ID works with all ScholarChip modules such as door access, paperless referrals, cafeteria purchases and bus, classroom and building attendance. The smart ID card unlocks integration between student activities and the student information system (SIS). No personal information is carried on the card. Each highly secure, smart ID card holds only an encrypted number, which can be deactivated immediately if an ID is lost or stolen. Only one ID is active at any given time for an individual. Smart ID Cards are a direct path to future options. As the school or district needs change and budgets grow, so too can the comprehensive ScholarChip secure campus solutions.

Visitor management is critical to campus safety but far too often is left to an unattended, self-sign-in station. Active visitor management greatly increases campus security and provides an important layer of safety for your students and staff. Visitors simply scan their state-issued ID for instant verification against district and school registers and against ScholarChip’s national sex offender database. With ScholarChip’s truly national database, sex offenders, anyone prohibited from campus, triggers a silent alert allowing designated staff to immediately respond.

Protect entrances and critical entry points with role-specific access for teachers, students and staff. From the SIS or ScholarChip’s management site, limit entry for specific class periods and confidential areas. Lock down the campus on demand with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or via the secure, cloud-based management site.

Using a NFC-enabled tablet or smart phone, tap the student’s smart card ID to instantly recall and verify an identity, class schedule and attendance record. Check for class cuts and disciplinary actions and send paperless referrals in seconds.

The user-friendly interface quickly and accurately manages lunch lines with just a tap of the smart ID card. The system captures free and reduced accounts, monitors dietary conflicts, and flashes an alert for food allergies. Federal and payment industry compliant.

Increase revenue and school spirit with an easy-to-use and maintain on-line campus store. Students, parents and school supporters purchase branded merchandise, event or sports tickets, books or supplies and pay on-line securely.

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