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Datacard® SP25™ Plus Card Printer

Affordable and flexible dual-function printing

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SP35 Card Printer

The Datacard® SP35 card printer delivers an unbeatable combination of high performance and low cost for low-volume card programs — perfect for issuing ID cards, gift and loyalty cards, membership cards, hotel room keys and more. The SP35 card printer personalizes up to 120 full-color and up to 500 one-color cards per hour. Despite its fast operation, this attractive printer weighs less than nine pounds and is easily transportable, letting you print cards in a confined workspace.

SP55 Card Printer

The SP55 card printer delivers high-quality photo IDs with state of the art security features, such as smart cards, magnetic stripes, bar codes, and proximity options. While the image quality and 180 color card-per-hour speed of the printer are impressive, its engineering fine points - such as quick-loading smart supplies, extra-large card hoppers and built-in Ethernet connectivity - make the Datacard SP55 card printer the solution of choice in almost every application.

SP75 Card Printer

The Datacard® SP75 card printer delivers advanced security and extreme versatility built on the proven reliability of the Datacard® SP series card printers. This versatile printer offers dual-sided, full-color or monochrome printing Choose from one or two laminators featuring virtual edge-to-edge Datacard® DuraGard® laminate for extended card life and added security and durability. The SP75 card printer is designed to meet the growing demands of the mid-high volume card programs, issuing highly secure photo IDs for government organizations, corporations, colleges and universities.

Field upgradeable!

The SP card printers give you optional magnetic stripe and integrated smart card capabilities, including contactless smart cards, with a simple field upgrade.

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Datacard® ID Works® Identification Software Suite

Datacard® ID Works® identification software contains the features and functionality you need to begin an ID card program or make your current program more successful. It gives you more power, more features, more customizability, multi-level security, and it is extremely easy to use.

The ID Works® platform features an innovative, modular design - an industry first for identification software. You have the freedom to choose a full package or only the individual components that meet your needs. Choose from Basic, Standard, or Enterprise Editions.

ID Works® Visitor Management

Visitor Management cuts costs and closes critical gaps typically found in most ID programs. Instead of entering data for each visitor, simply scan the approved credentials, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. The solution stores every record and the accompanying high-resolution photo that you can easily retrieve. Gone is the need to manually enter the required information before producing an identification card.

ID Works® SecurReg Identity Management Software

The new ID Works® SecurReg software can decode and parse information stored on most U.S. or Canadian driver's licenses that use magnetic stripe or 2D (PDF-417) bar code technology. Simply scan a driver's license using a standard reader and use the decoded data to automatically register guests, validate identities, or create visitor IDs. ID Works® SecurReg application is hardware independent allowing you to use existing magnetic stripe, wedge, or 2D bar code readers.

Datacard® ID Works® Standard Identification Software
Essential tools for card production and management

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Datacard® ID Works® Basic Identification Software
Essential tools for card production and management

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ViaNet® Identity Information Software

ViaNet® software is a web-based, scalable, software solution that lets you securely and efficiently manage digital identification information across your organization. The ViaNet® software portfolio includes Internet-based software packages for data retrieval, image capture, card issuance and reporting, plus a Personal Server version that applies the features of the other packages to a stand-alone workstation.

Preface™ Software

Preface™ identification software is specifically designed for entry-level ID card issuance. It features an easy, intuitive, and complete introductory application for photo and non-photo card programs. The application delivers the essential tools for designing cards, entering and retrieving data, capturing photo images, encoding mag stripes and printing full-color or one-color cards from a simple, dependable user interface.

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