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Datacard® CP40Plus™ Card Printer
Performance that fits your budget

The Datacard® CP40Plus™ card printer delivers high performance at a lower cost. It offers a unique combination of fast print speed, exceptional image quality and superior ease of use. This printer can personalize up to 120 full-color cards or 500 one-color cards per hour, making it ideally suited to issue photo IDs as well as gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards.

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Datacard® CP60Plus™ Card Printer

High impact power and simplicity

Choose the Datacard® CP60Plus™ card printer for professional-grade power and superior operational simplicity. This printer allows you to maximize your time by producing up to 180 full-color or 700 monochrome cards per hour. Versatile and cost-effective, the CP60 card printer is ideal for healthcare, education, retail, corporate and other markets that demand cards with brilliant colors, life-like photos and crisp graphics.

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Datacard® CP80Plus™ Card Printer

Superior secure ID cards

The Datacard® CP80Plus™ card printer can support even the most demanding ID programs. It produces high-quality secure ID cards that help you protect people, facilities and other critical assets. This printer is also optimized to work with Datacard® IDCentre™ identification software and capture solutions, as part of a fully integrated system.

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Datacard® FP65™ Financial Card Printer
The FP65 financial card printer issues new and replacement financial cards instantly.

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Datacard® IDCentre™ Bronze Identification Software

Core tools for your ID program

Datacard® IDCentre™ Bronze identification software offers everything you need to create and maintain a start-up ID card program in one easy-to-use package. Design ID cards and reports with ease and manage your own image capturing and printing. Reliable and flexible, Datacard® IDCentre™ software is easy to upgrade to more advanced packages as your needs grow.

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Datacard® IDCentre™ Silver Identification Software

Configure your ID program

The modular platform of Datacard® IDCentre™ Silver identification software lets you configure the ideal solution for your ID card program. Separate packages for card design and card production give you the choice to combine elements of these capabilities at a central location or manage them separately from different workstations. Either way, you control a powerful blend of components for creating ID cards, reports and production forms. 

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Datacard® IDCentre™ Gold Identification Software

A complete ID program solution

Datacard® IDCentre™ Gold identification software is the ideal choice for today's most sophisticated ID programs. Separate packages for design and production — combined with smart card capabilities — create one of the most powerful and complete ID program solutions available. Discover how the modular platform of IDCentre Gold software keeps you in total control of your ID card program.

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Datacard® Signature Pointe™ Solution

Accurate and easy capturing of digital signatures

The Datacard® Signature Pointe™ solution includes everything you need to capture, store and print electronic signatures. The rugged signature pad features an interactive LCD that allows users to see their handwriting as they sign, minimizing the chance of errors. The integrated Signature Pointe software — part of the Datacard® Capture Pointe™ Series software family — can manage your entire electronic signature database. Accurate and reliable, the Signature Pointe solution offers an extra measure for organizations looking for an additional line of defense in their ID programs.

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Datacard® Photo Pointe™ Solution

Fast and easy image capture

Add speed and productivity to any photo ID process with Datacard® Photo Pointe™ solutions. Photo Pointe software, part of the Datacard® Capture Pointe™ Series software family makes image capture easy. One click allows you to capture, crop and produce a high-quality digital image in less than seven seconds. No panning, tilting, zooming or other camera adjustments are required. Fully compatible with products from our software and hardware families, Photo Pointe solutions make a powerful addition to any integrated photo ID system from Datacard Group.

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Datacard® Photo Pointe Lite ™ Solution
Fast and easy image capture

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Datacard® Finger Pointe™ Solution
Fast and easy fingerprint capture

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Datacard® Visitor Pointe™ Solution

Fast and effective visitor check-in

The Datacard® Visitor Pointe™ solution allows you to enroll visitors with ease, using a driver's license, passport or other government-issued identification. Quick and cost-effective, the Visitor Pointe Solution scans official credentials to produce a secure guest ID card in just seconds. The software creates a database of visitor photos, making production of repeat visitor IDs a short and simple process. The Visitor Pointe solution is ideal for government agencies, schools, corporations or any organization that experiences frequent guest visits.
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Datacard® Solutions Vista Support
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