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Metal Plate Embossers

Alabama Card Systems sells, installs and supports metal tag embossers and plastic card printing systems produced by CIM (Card Imaging Master). 

CIM has specialized in meeting the needs of the military and is a GSA-certified vendor. Its products are also used extensively by banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, clubs, casinos, oil companies, public institutions, service bureaus, automotive companies and aircraft manufacturers. Over the years CIM has been recognized as an innovator in the field of industrial tag marking and plastic card personalization. Its machines are often noted for their first-rate design and sturdiness and their ability to reliably operate for many years with little down time. 
3220 Edwards Lake Parkway  Suite 108  Birmingham AL  35235   info@alabamacard.com
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3220 Edwards Lake Parkway, Suite 108
Birmingham, AL  35235

205-833-1116    info@alabamacard.com

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