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IP/ CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

Alabama Card Systems provides leading edge Network IP Camera Systems, CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems that provide a host of features and benefits. 

The Latest in technology in digital video recording which gives you the ability to record directly into a Network Video Recorder, or recording directly onto your own video server. The network IP cameras connect directly to a Network Video Recorder via Ethernet connectors to a Network swtich that is a part of your existing network or in a remote location connected through the internet. The cameras are routed to the recorder via the camera’s specific assigned IP address. IP cameras offer the flexibility so that as future needs change, they can be disconnected from the current network switch and move to a different location and connected to the nearest POE or required Network Switch. These cameras are available in variety of types such as: indoor, outdoor, vandal proof, fixed dome, hemispheric, etc.

CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems utilize high resolution color digital video cameras and recording units to log all activity in the work environment. They are connected to the recorder via hardwired cabling, such as RG59 Siamese or Cat 5 cable with video baluns. Some features of these surveillance camera systems include: object search, emailing of alert photo’s, MAPS layout of cameras and sensors, multiple DVR videoing, etc. And most of the systems available allow you to access your cameras and video via your smart phone or remote computer. These systems have been proven to reduce crime by up to 95%.

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